Through experience and thorough research we have selected a highly user friendly on-line system where you the member can be in complete control. We recommend all our members to get familiar with our automated booking system. It is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way to book classes.
A revolutionary fitness concept studio Powered by Body Factory exclusively offering small group classes of Lagree Fitness performed on the Megaformer Black™!
It depends on your current fitness level. 99% of our members excel in the group classes, the workout is intense but the routines are kept simple to ensure everyone uses appropriate form. However, if you have chronic back pain, painful joints, a severe medical condition or have not been physically active in the past, it is recommended to take a private session to evaluate your fitness level.

Most importantly, bring a positive attitude. Leave all your worries behind. The class is for you. You need to be present minded when working out to maximize the benefits of the class.

-Although we provide water, most students like to bring their own water bottle.

-Wear comfortable clothes that allow your muscles to stretch and your skin to “breathe”.

-Jewelry is NOT a good idea.

-Put cell phones on silent during classes (please be respectful of others).

-No strong perfumes as some students are allergic.

-If you are about to renew, please bring your payment. Most of our clientele pay online using our automated system. Please understand that no classes can be confirmed if you’re not prepaid.

All classes must be prepaid and we adhere to a 12 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy

We require 12 hours notice for any cancelations or changes in order to avoid late fees and penalties. Session members will lose that session and Contract members will be charged a $8 fee for “late cancels” and a $15 fee for “no shows”. There will be no exceptions!